sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010


Hi everybody,

Since august 2009 when my blogg saw its first light, it has received 1000 visits, so I want to celebrate this highlight by giving thanks in each one of the languages of the countries where my blogg has been visited from.
I will name each country by number of visits.
Spain: Muchas gracias. Moltes gràcies. Eskerrik asko. Moitas gracias.
United States: Thank you very much.
United Kingdom: Thank you very much.
México: Muchas gracias.
Argentina: Muchas gracias.
Colombia: Muchas gracias.
Chile: Muchas gracias.
Germany: Wielen Danke.
Hungary: Köszönöm szépen.
Japan: ども ありがと.
Panamá: Muchas gracias.

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