sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2012


As most of the astronomical observatories placed in the countryside, the "Teatrillo de Lyra" (MPC C74) needs some security system in order to prevent ravages or plunders.
The solution: my two guardians. I want to introduce to you Lyra and Crispeta.
As you can see, they are almost pittbull powerered. Be very careful.

Each one of them has these names for one logical reason. The first one to arrive almost 10 years ago, was Lyra, the white one. I got her in Cal Maciarol, the farm on whose land The teatrillo is placed. Maybe I´ve already explained it but her name is in honour of the summer constellation Lyra. She is the sound alarm in the observatory and the way to stop this alarm is ....food. If you have some food with you, you´ll become her best friend if not a God for her.
The black one is Crispeta, that in catalan means Pop Corn. Again in Maciarol, 8 years ago, I  got this beatiful present that is the "reception" part of the system. She is who steps out the door to say hello by dancing all the time.
Now you´re warned, if you come to "The teatrillo", you know what´s in.