domingo, 23 de junio de 2013


Walking is healthy, this is out of discusion, and because that, we have started this activity in the surroundings of Maciarol Farm with a bunch of pals, astronomers too but who also are lovers of nature.
So every new moon from now on, we´ll try to keep us a little bit more in shape. Last day, we went to see "la Font de Pedra", a fountain that now is completely dry but some time ago, served as a place where animals drank, specially sheeps. Now is a quietly place with seats and tables for lunch.

Again, Francesc, Josep Lluis and also Maria, Gloria, me and our two "pitbull powered" guardians of "Teatrillo", Lyra and Crispeta, were all enjoying of these beatiful views of Vall d´Àger, with a temperature  that reminds more fall season than almost summer.

All this waiting the night hours that shows us in the south the shape of Scorpius with his wonderful clusters M6 and M7 near his tail and Sagitarius, the "Teapot" offering us the magnificent globular cluster M22, The Lagoon nebula and of course, the "Trifida" nebula.

This is the magic of this valley, it gives all to you in any time, day and night.