martes, 19 de junio de 2012


Sometimes you realize it´s time to make changes in order to improve something(or at least this is the idea), and this is exactly what has happened in "Teatrillo de Lyra" observatory.
So far, my roll off observatory, was divided by two parallel curtains separated by 5 cms. This air chamber offered a difference of temperature of almost 10 degrees from outside the curtains to inside, where I have my control room and bedroom.
The only problem was when I had to pull aside the curtains, for exemple, in order to have a look at the mount when having a GO TO, tryng to prevent a possible hard pull of some cable. This single operation became a little bit uncomfortable.

So I decided to install a sliding door that could keep the same difference of temperature and thus keep myself warm in winter. The inside of this sliding door is covered in cork plates, so this way, termal isolation is effective.
I also used strips of rubber to fill the gaps between the door an the door frame to prevent cold of nights could get into my control room and loose warming.
As far as I´m not very skilled, my brother in law was the actor in this construction. ¡Muchas gracias, Jose!

And finally, I got a special gift in my new door from my wife Gloria. She´s an expert pirographer and so, we decided to write on the door by fire, the Teatrillo´s Minor Planet Center code, MPC C74.

¡Gracias cariño, ha quedado perfecto!